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How to Backup PST Files Automatically -- Download this Free Tool!

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In a moment I’ll quickly guide you how to backup PST files automatically – I’m using this solution successfully for several years now and it’s absolutely free.

If you’ve reached this quick guide then I believe that there’s no need to explain why it is extremely important to frequently backup your precious Outlook PST file (personal storage folders).

Anyway, several years ago I started using an excellent backup tool (freeware) that enables me to automatically backup…

(1) PST files at ANY size (extremely fast) and of ANY Outlook version
(2) My PST file on specific day(s) and hour(s)
(3) Other important files on my PC

You do it once, it takes about 5 minutes, and from that point you don’t have to do anything.

How to backup PST files automatically

Step-1: Close Outlook
Turn off your outlook application.

Step-2: Locate the path to your PST file
If you have no idea where your PST file is located on your PC, or if you can’t find the path to that file from some reason, then here is a little tip about how to find the location of a PST file.

Step-3: Install the Backup tool
Download and install this backup utility – it’s absolutely free!

Step-4: Create a new profile
You’ll need to create a new profile, call it “PST Backup”. You’ll then have to select the Source (original folder where your PST file is located) and Destination (the folder where you want to keep the backup of your PST file).

Outlook PST Backup

Step-5: Set Schedule
Select your new “PST Backup” profile, then click the Schedule icon and set the days and times of the week/month for the tool to automatically backup your PST file.

Note that Outlook must be turned off when a backup process takes place, so set it to days/times when you’re not using Outlook (late at night, weekend etc.)

That’s it! Now you know how to backup PST files automatically as well as backing up other important files on your computer.

The tool should automatically backup your PST file at the time(s) and date(s) that you’ve set. I highly recommend you to test it and see that everything works fine by clicking the Run icon  – it’ll run an immediate backup.

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Tip! - Should your PST file get corrupted/damaged from some reason, and you haven’t backed it up, and you can’t access your data, don’t get panic… use the following PST recovery tool to completely restore all your data (Emails, sent items, calendar, notes, and even deleted items). …and don’t forget to back it up from now on! ArticleWritingClicks.com 2009. All Rights Reserved.


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AndreA Jul 26, 2011

Try www.outlook-backup.com/en! Great tool which make an Outlook backup automatically!


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