I’ve been using and testing
MS Outlook for over 15 years. I found the following
PST repair tool as the best option to recover lost
MS Outlook data.

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Location of PST File – Find Outlook.pst Files via this Free Tool!

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Since people keep asking me about the location of their PST file, I’d like to show you the easiest way to find Outlook.pst files, no matter if it is Outlook 98,2000,2003,XP,2007,2010 or any other version installed on XP, Vista, or Windows 2007.

Here is a little trick - I’m using the following tool to automatically detect PST files for free:

(1) Download and install this PST repair tool
(2) Click on Find Outlook File
(3) Click on Look in: and select your local drive name
(4) Click START and wait…

The ‘problem’ with these files is that they are located in a hidden folder by default, not only that, they are usually located in different places pending the Outlook and Windows version that you are using. This is the point where people are having trouble in finding that file and keep asking me “where is my PST…?”

The following tool does several things – it detects your default PST file and other PST files in your computer (if you’ve ever created additional ones), no matter under which Windows platform and Outlook version and/or if it is located under a hidden folder.


Tip – Should your Outlook.pst file get corrupted or damaged, this Outlook repair tool enables you to restore all your Emails, contacts, notes etc. (I even used it once to recover Emails that I’ve deleted by a mistake and that I considered as ‘lost’).


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