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Recovering Deleted Outlook Emails -- Do it Safely or Else…

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At some point, while using Outlook, unintentionally deleting a bunch of Emails happens to everyone… Fortunately recovering deleted Outlook Emails, and I mean messages that you’ve ‘permanently deleted’ is possible, but you must do it safely or you might end up reinstalling Windows…

I’ll explain more about it and I’ll show you how to avoid that and safely retrieve all your lost Email messages (even those whom you thought you’ve lost forever…)

Why using Microsoft’s solutions aren’t good and risky
While ‘digging’ the Web for ideas on how one can restore his/her lost emails, I’ve checked on what Microsoft are offering and I found that…

(1) If you don’t move Emails to your Deleted Items folder before deleting them, these messages are permanently deleted, and you cannot restore them.

(2) Items that are hard deleted in the Deleted Items folder cannot be recovered.

(3) To recover deleted Emails from mail folders other than the Deleted Items folder (Sent Items, Drafts, Outbox and Inbox folders) you need to modify your Windows registry!

Messing with the registry is quite risky especially for novice PC users, and Microsoft even warns you that “If you use the registry editor incorrectly, you might cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall your operating system.”

Bottom line: Microsoft’s solution is partial and more importantly – it is risky!

Recovering deleted Outlook Emails safely
I found a safe way to recover all your deleted Emails, whether ‘hard deleted’ (using SHIFT+Delete keys), whether deleted via a virus attack, or due to a corruption to your Outlook PST file.

It works this way – all your Outlook Emails, contacts, schedules, Notes, Tasks and of course all your deleted items are accumulated in one huge file called: Outllok.pst.

When you delete emails, they aren’t really gone… Outlook only marks them as deleted.

The following Emails recovery tool (Supports Outlook 2007, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, XP) specializes in recovering deleted Outlook Emails safely, including all hard deleted emails. It automatically detects your Outlook.pst file, conducts a scan, and then retrieves all your lost email messages.

Will it recover all your deleted Emails?
Run a quick scan (free) and see if it detected all your lost emails. When I used it the first time, it even detected ‘forgotten’ emails from 4 years ago…

In this quick video I demonstrate how it recovers lost emails.

Hope that helps.


I strongly recommend you to backup your Outlook.pst file before doing anything. If you don’t know how to find it, then close your Outlook, and use this Email recovery tool to automatically detect it for you.


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Danny Smith Mar 9, 2012

Thanks! Saved, me as well. Nice clear instructions, straight to the point. . When you open and configure Old PST file that time error generate file not opened and also you have seen some emails move in deleted email folder. So I think you can try SCANPST.EXE Outlook recovery tool but your data is important and Outlook tool some time not give result 100 % so I would suggest you to try a good commercial application for a complete solution.


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