I’ve been using and testing
MS Outlook for over 15 years. I found the following
PST repair tool as the best option to recover lost
MS Outlook data.

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Recovering Deleted PST Files – Even After Freshly Formatted HD!

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Recovering deleted PST files is something that I’ve recently tested myself. I’m sure that the following quick guide can help all those Outlook users out there who accidently deleted their Outlook.pst file.

Deleted Outlook PST recoveryThe following data recovery method is for those who never kept a backup of this file (PST backup), and who lost this file by ‘hard deleting’ it (either deleting it from the Recycle Bin, or by using the SHIFT+Delete keys), or by formatting their hard drive (freshly formatted!).

Well, whatever the reason is that caused your PST file to get deleted, there is a way out – you see, when a file is being deleted, it isn’t really deleted, it still resides somewhere on your hard drive.

However, over time the chances of restoring or ‘undeleting’ that file are getting smaller, as new data that is being written into your hard drive might be written over that file.

That’s why you need to act fast - as soon as you’ve lost that file.

Recovering deleted PST files
The easiest way to check whether your deleted Outlook PST file is retrievable and if so, being able afterwards to restore it, is by using a professional data recovery tool.

I conducted the following quick test:
(1) ‘Hard Deleted’ (SHIFT+Delete keys) a 2.06 GB Outlook.pst file (Called it: Outlook2.pst)
(2) Installed the following data recovery tool
(3) In the search box I typed: Outlook2.pst
(4) Clicked Start Scan (be patient here…)

It took it a while to scan my entire hard drive and detect the ‘hard deleted’ PST file, but then it notified me that the file is recoverable. Anyway, run a quick scan to see whether your PST file is recoverable, and if so, simply ask it to recover the entire lost file.


Tip! – Recovering deleted PST files due to reformatting your PC’s hard drive is still possible, pending that it is done immediately afterwards. So in that case, don’t install anything yet! Install this data recovery tool first and see if your PST file is recoverable.


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Recovering Deleted PST Files – Even After Freshly Formatted HD!

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nizam Apr 17, 2012

hi,i accidentaly deleted my outlook folder.then i created a new outlook,.,now i want to recover my old outlook.i created the new one under the same user name and password

Admin Apr 17, 2012

Have you deleted your Outlook.pst file as well...?

That is where all your 'old' Outlook information is stored.

Close Outlook if it is opened.

(1) Search for your 'old' Outlook.pst file
It is usually under: (User)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
(2) If you find it, keep it in a safe place (back it up in a new folder)
(3) If you've accidently deleted it, use the above data recovery tool to find it and retrieve it
(4) Find the location of the new Outlook.pst file that you've created as you say with the new Outlook
(5) Rename the new ‘Outlook.pst’ to ‘Outlook_bck.pst’
(6) Place the old ‘Outlook.pst’ file (keep it 'Outlook.pst') instead of the new one that you've just renamed
(7) Open Outlook

That should work.


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