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Scanpst.exe Location for All Outlook Versions -- PST Repair Tip!

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I don’t understand why Microsoft are doing so well in hiding that Scanpst.exe location – it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack… Anyway, as promised, I’ll show you where that file is located (or should I say ‘hidden’) in your Windows system, but I warn you not to develop any expectations that this 37K file is going to completely repair your precious Outlook.pst file…

Don’t worry…as always I found a better way (watch this video) to completely repair ANY PST file no matter whether it is Outlook 97/98/2000/2002/2003/XP/2007/2010…

In this quick video guide you’ll discover where your Scanpst.exe file is ‘hiding’: 

Complete Outlook PST Repair tool free download

Important facts about Scanpst.exe
This Microsoft file is known as the ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ and it is already embedded together with your Windows installation. Its size is around 37K and its sole purpose is recovering a corrupted Outlook PST database file.

Locating that file in your Windows system
Unfortunately, detecting the Scanpst.exe location is a little tricky and differs from one Windows platform to another (Whether Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32bit or 64bit version) - watch the video above for exact guidance.

Can this 37K file completely recover your Outlook.pst file?
The answer is unfortunately and probably NO and I’ll explain why:

(1) Its biggest problem is that it is only able to repair damaged file headers, not the damaged data itself! Even worse – headers that it cannot repair are DELETED together with their associated data (Emails, Contacts, etc.)

(2) It won’t repair PST files approaching or exceeding 2GB size in earlier versions of Outlook

(3) According to Microsoft, if your PST data file couldn’t be accessed prior to using this tool then it won’t be able to completely recover all your data…

(4) So you finally find that Scanpst.exe location and you think that this is a ‘one click’ repair tool – take a look at the screenshot below – looks pretty simple to use, right? Wrong! After it ‘repairs’ your PST file it isn’t really ‘repaired’… ,you need to open Outlook and start a new frustrating ‘do this…copy that...’ procedure.

Scanpst.exe Location

During that procedure you should notice a Lost and Found folder – it only contains items that the Scanpst.exe was able to recover and unfortunately according to Microsoft “items that are missing from the Lost and Found folder may be beyond repair…” - can you believe that?

How to completely recover ANY PST file of ANY Outlook version
This so powerful that as far as I understand professional Data Recovery services (who are aware of the situation) use this in order to recover corrupted Outlook PST files of desperate Outlook users and then charge hundreds for just pushing a button…

I’ve seen the following Outlook PST repair tool in action and it even detected and recovered many of my lost emails from many years ago…

No need to struggle on finding the path to that Scanpst.exe location…no file size limits…no partial repair…it automatically locates your Outlook.pst file and completely repairs it – you then just open Outlook and continue working as if nothing had happened. Why couldn’t Microsoft come up with something as simple as that…?

This way or another, let me know what you think of Microsoft’s repair tool compared to the other solution that I’ve just suggested. I’d love to hear your feedbacks – scroll down to the bottom of this page to post your comments.


Tip – Before you do anything, I recommend you to backup your Outlook.pst file.

In Windows XP you can find it under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

In Windows Vista you can find it under:


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Rick Ransom Apr 3, 2012

When using the steller tool
I select Outlook File
I then enter outlook.pst
I THen got and error message:
Error in opening file
and then:
Not a valid PST file

Admin Apr 4, 2012

Hi Rick,
Very strange...I suggest you to contact their support team at:
I'm sure they can help you out with this.

snshell Mar 15, 2012

Yes, I agree with you that Scanpst.exe does not completely repair the PST file. Several times I have used it with my .pst file but file is not completely repaired. I tried this tool Stellar Outlook PST Repair as mentioned in your video and it really solved my problem. Thanks for sharing it.

Karen Nov 12, 2011

Thanks so much, it helped me a lot after hours of trying!!

telecharger scanpst pst file Aug 29, 2011

your article is very informative which will helps users. By this users can easily access their corrupted or lost PST files of outlook application.


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