I’ve been using and testing
MS Outlook for over 15 years. I found the following
PST repair tool as the best option to recover lost
MS Outlook data.

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Stellar Outlook PST Recovery Serial Key – Get it From Here!

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Stellar Outlook PST Serial
There’s no question that Stellar Outlook PST Recovery tool is one of the most reliable Outlook.pst repair tools. But there’s one extremely important thing that it simply doesn’t provide after it repairs your Outlook - that is providing an ‘insurance policy’ for your Outlook PST.

First, I encourage you to get a legitimate Stellar Outlook PST Recovery Serial Key so you can immediately repair your outlook -- if you do that via one of my links here, I’ll teach you how to get your own ‘Insurance Policy’ at no cost (more details below).

An ‘Insurance Policy’ for your Outlook PST file
An ‘Insurance Policy….’ for Outlook PST file? Sound weird, right?
Unfortunately most (irresponsible) Outlook users don’t have one!

Keep reading – this one is a ‘Must Have’ for any Outlook user.

A few years back I’ve created what I call an ‘Insurance Policy’ for my Outlook.pst file. Heck, this is my most precious digital asset, EVER. It contains GB’s of data - years of hard work.

I simply couldn’t afford losing it. I found something that protects me from losing my PST file (no, this isn’t another anti-virus). It took me 5 minutes to set up only once, and that’s it, from that moment I have my peace of mind with Outlook. I don’t care if my PST file gets corrupted again, damaged, attacked by a virus, or anything else. And the best part – it costs me…NOTHING!

I can show you how to do that. I’m willing to show you how to create such an ‘Insurance Policy’ for your own Outllok.pst file. It takes just 5 minutes, it’s extremely easy and it won’t cost you anything.

Remember – you only have one precious Outlook.pst file, I’m sure you don’t want to lose it one day….

Free Bonus!
OK, once you get a legitimate Stellar Outlook PST Recovery Serial Key via one of my links here, email me your receipt as a proof of purchase to: contact@redcamelsolutions.com and I’ll immediately send you back everything required for you to create your own ‘Insurance Policy’ for your Outlook PST file.


Clarification – I get a lot of requests from people for a free legitimate license key for this tool (see below). Sorry, but as explained in this entire post, I can't and won’t be able to do that. You'd have to get one of your own.


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Sonia Jun 25, 2014

Plz give me the method for activation key of stellarpheonix

Poorest Mouse on Earth Jun 20, 2012

The place that I work does not believe in buying any add-on or repair software at all. They says the Outlook 2007 (part of the MS office) has already been paid in full to MS and why are they paying again for any 3rd party tools to repair it. MS shd be the one providing it FREE ... Understand FREE. Therefore I need it desprately to fix the lost emails. Scanpst.exe is crap and cannot recover anything at all. Anyone please help me else I am loose my job. I have 7 mouth to feed at home. Thank you very much in advance.

Admin Jun 20, 2012

Sorry to hear about your situation, however I really don’t understand you...

I agree that Microsoft should provide a FREE and proper repair and recovery tool for broken PST file that truly works. Unfortunately this isn't the situation, they provide Scanpst.exe for FREE but sometimes it works and other times unfortunately it doesn’t...

Other 3rd party developers understand this situation and offer PST recovery solutions that truly work. If I were you and my job was dependant on recovering my PST I wouldn't think twice and acquire one of these 3rd party tools out of my own pocket, otherwise what other choice would I have...? Taking it to a data recovery service that would charge me $250 for that just to find out that they use the same 3rd party recovery tool that I already found by myself...?

If I had a free license for the above PST recovery tool I would have send it to you, but I don’t have such one…sorry.

Andres Stephan Jun 3, 2012

thank you for your help.
I Need Serial number of Stellar Outlook PST Recovery please.

julisen May 29, 2012

thank you for your help...i really need your help

kostas Apr 7, 2012

PLS serial

Billy Dec 21, 2011

Pls serial for Data recovery Stellar

Aravind Dec 20, 2011

i want steller pst recovery tool

Dhiraj Dec 19, 2011


Petar Nov 4, 2011

Pls serial for Data recovery Stellar

kiran Nov 2, 2011

plz sent me serial number for pst repair tool

Admin Nov 2, 2011

Again, you can only get the license serial number via the above links.

Ajay tanwar Oct 15, 2011

Nothing without you

Milind Sep 27, 2011

please send me serial number

senthil Sep 6, 2011

please send me serial number

pravin ghugare Sep 3, 2011

serial number of outlook pst files tools

tapu022 Jun 26, 2011

please serial number

Admin Jun 26, 2011

You can get it via one of the links mentioned above.


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