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Bass.dll Missing Error -- Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | Bass.dll missing error
The Bass.dll missing error usually occurs when trying to launch PC games which are using this dll. In the following repair guide I’ll provide additional details about this file and the cause to this error. By the end of the post I’ll show you how to resolve it. Good luck!

About Bass.dll
The authors of this dll are Un4seen Developments.
This dll belongs to the BASS Audio library and it is usually located in the C:\Windows\ System32 folder. BASS requires DirectX 3.0 or above for output.

Common problems
PC games that try to utilize this dll fail on startup, they crash and Windows usually pops up an error message saying that it can’t find bass.dll. Another common error message: BASS_ChannelSetAttributes function not found in bass.dll.

Common causes to this error
(1) One of your audio related drivers is invalid – it is corrupt, obsolete (too old), or incompatible.
(2) Something went wrong with your DirectX installation.

Repair guide

(1) Replace any invalid audio related drivers
You need to verify whether the Bass.dll missing error is caused due to an invalid audio related driver. I’d also suggest paying attention to any invalid display related drivers. Invalid drivers must be updated (replaced) by fresh and official drivers that match your EXACT hardware models.

To detect and precisely replace invalid drivers with their correct versions:
(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Let it scan all your hardware devices and installed drivers
(3) By the end of the scan open the Drivers report
(4) Has it detected any invalid audio related drivers?
(5) If so, replace them!
(6) Has it detected any other invalid drivers?
(7) It is up to you, but I highly recommend you replacing them as well
(8) Restart Windows

(2) Update and refresh your DirectX installation
Make sure that you work with the latest DirectX installation - download and install it directly from Microsoft’s site, then, restart your PC.

At this point the Bass.dll missing error should no longer show up.


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