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D3d8.dll Error -- How to Fix it!

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Dll errors | D3d8.dll error
Complaints about the D3d8.dll error usually come from PC gamers. That isn’t surprising as this dll belongs to an important component which is installed together with Windows OS. In the following guide I’ll provide more details on that as well as two solutions that fix this problem.

About D3d8.dll
This is a Microsoft Direct3D file, part of Microsoft Windows OS and Microsoft DirectX. This dll is part of a technology called DirectX, it enables PC games to be displayed at higher frame rates than the ‘usual’ Microsoft’s Graphics Device Interface frame rates. This particular dll handles the 3D drawing and display of objects so that they look realistic.

Common problems
As mentioned earlier, most common problems with this file are encountered with PC games. When you try to run a game Windows pops up an error message telling you that the file is missing from your computer and that you need to reinstall the application that triggers this error in order to fix it (Usually it doesn’t work…).

The two causes to this error:
(1) You’re using an incorrect or damaged driver – usually it is an invalid display related driver.
(2) D3d8.dll is missing, incompatible, or damaged.

How to fix it

(1) Reinstall and update invalid display related drivers
The D3d8.dll error might be triggered due to an invalid (obsolete, incompatible, or damaged) display related driver. You need to find this driver(s) and reinstall its latest compatible and official version.

How to detect invalid drivers?
(1) Use this drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Run a drivers diagnostics scan
(3) Wait for the final report
(4) Has it detected any invalid display related drivers?
(5) If YES – replace those drivers with their latest compatible version
(I’d also recommend you to replace any other invalid drivers – it can save you a lot of trouble in the future)
(6) Restart Windows

(2) Reinstall and update your DirectX installation
To complete the D3d8.dll error repair - download and install the Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft’s official site, then reboot your PC.


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