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D3dx10_39.dll Missing Error -- How to Fix it!

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Dll errors | D3dx10_39.dll missing error
Got frustrated by the D3dx10_39.dll missing error? By the end of this post you’ll be able to play any game without having this error popping up each time you try to launch a game. There are usually two reasons why this error shows up and in the following post I’ll show you how to handle both of these issues. Hope you’ll find this post useful.

About D3dx10_39.dll
This file is part of the Direct3D from Microsoft DirectX.
Basically, this dll is part of Microsoft’s DirectX software which is utilized by many (if not most) PC games available today. This dll as well as other DirectX dll files, enables PC games and other heavy graphics applications to perform better, especially when it concerns your audio and graphics display.

Common problems
You install a game which uses this dll (Mass Effect as one example), install seems to be working fine, however when trying to launch the game you receive a Windows error message telling you that d3dx10_39.dll is missing. In some other cases you might encounter problems with your graphics display or with the performance of your audio device.

Causes to this error
#1 – Invalid drivers (graphics or audio related) – old, corrupt, or incompatible drivers.
#2 – The dll itself might have gotten corrupted or it is missing from your PC, or it is incompatible.

How to fix it

(1) Update all your audio and graphics related drivers
This step by itself may already fix the D3dx10_39.dll missing error – you need to detect all invalid drivers (especially those invalid graphics and audio related drivers) and immediately update them. You need to replace them with their latest, compatible, and official versions.

Now, of course you can do that manually but if you’d like to save time and avoid downloading incorrect drivers, here is a little tip:

(1) Download the following drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Launch the Drivers scanner
(3) Wait for it to diagnose all your installed drivers
(4) Open the Drivers report
(5) See which drivers are reported as invalid
(6) Replace those drivers
(7) Restart Windows

(2) Manually update your ActiveX Installation
In order to complete the D3dx10_39.dll missing error repair, simply visit Microsoft’s site and download the latest DirectX installation, install it, when finished restart Windows.


Comments, suggestions, tips
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Feel free to post them below this section.


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