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D3dx10_43.dll Error -- Quick Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | D3dx10_43.dll error
D3dx10_43.dll error is related to a problem with two components in Windows OS. In the following post I’ll provide more details about these components and what it requires in order to repair them so it’ll eventually stop Windows from popping up error messages related to this dll file.

About D3dx10_43.dll
This file is part of Direct3D 10.1 Extensions from Microsoft.
Common location: C:\Windows\System32
The file is part of DirectX which is embedded in your Windows OS and improves your multimedia experience while playing PC games or while using other multimedia rich applications.

Common problems
As mentioned earlier, multimedia rich applications such as PC games make use of this dll so unsurprisingly those who experience errors related to this file are mostly gamers. Errors related to this file usually popup when launching a game while instead Windows pops up error messages such as the following: This application has failed to start because d3dx10_43.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

The causes to this error
(1) The dll is missing, corrupt, or incompatible.
(2) One of your drivers, probably your graphic card driver is outdated or corrupt.

Quick repair guide

(1) Update Windows
A quick Windows Update should detect any incompatibility issues with your DirectX installation. See if that solves the problem.

If this hasn’t solved the problem:

(2) Reinstall DirectX using the latest version
Download the latest DirectX installation and manually install it. I know it might mention version 9.x or a version different than yours – that’s fine. This version contains all relevant updates to all DirectX installations no matter which version, earlier or later.

(3) Is your graphic card driver valid?
In order to complete the D3dx10_43.dll error repair, verify that your graphic card driver is valid (compatible) and intact. Also, verify that all your other ‘display related’ drivers are compatible and up-to-date. Simply download the following drivers diagnostic tool – it’ll tell you which drivers are valid/invalid and enable you to replace and update them.


Comments and additional tips
Feel free to share your tips and comments regarding this error below this section.


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