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D3dx11_43.dll Error -- Repair Tips!

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Dll errors | D3dx11_43.dll error
The D3dx11_43.dll error occurs in most cases while playing PC games. In the next post I’ll provide you with full details about this error and provide you with several helpful tips that’ll enable you to eliminate most of the errors related to this dll module. I hope you’ll find it useful.

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About D3dx11_43.dll
This dll module is part of your DirectX for Windows installation.
DirectX technology provides a better experience or shall I say enhanced performance while playing PC games or while using other multimedia-rich programs. It is part of any Windows system.

Common problems
Most error messages related to this dll popup when trying to run PC games such as Battlefield and Endless City for example (it may occur with many other PC games as well). Anyway, when trying to run a game you might encounter one of the following errors: Failed to load library d3dx11_43.dll or The program can't start because d3dx11_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

The causes to this error
(1) The dll might be: incompatible, missing, corrupt
(2) One of your ‘graphics related’ drivers is incompatible or corrupt

How to repair this error

Follow each of these three steps in order to repair the D3dx11_43.dll error:

(1) Run Windows Auto Update
This ensures the compatibility of your currently installed DirectX - if required it’ll automatically update your DirectX installation. This may already solve the problem.

If it hasn’t solved the problem:

(2) Manually reinstall DirectX
Download and install the latest DirectX installation- this should fix any compatibility, ‘missing’, or corrupt D3dx11_43.dll issues.

(3) Detect and replace invalid ‘graphics related’ drivers
An incompatible or obsolete (old) ‘graphics related’ driver might trigger this error. You need to check all your drivers for compatibility issues – immediately replace invalid drivers with their most updated, compatible, and official version.

Tip: Download the following drivers scanner – it enables you to detect and replace invalid drivers that exist on your system.


Add your tips
I’ll be more than happy to hear about any additional tips regarding this error. Feel free to post your comments and tips below this section.


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dany oliva Apr 7, 2014


cristea Jul 15, 2013

am instalat direct X dar acum nu mai porneste si nu imi scrie nimic
Ajutatima va rog

ibn rajab May 3, 2013

I want to play this game Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends on my PC , but I can't do this , I want a some help . thanks !!

ashly Feb 11, 2013

Thank you sir! It worked.

oussema Jan 22, 2013

Darksiders 2 - when I want to run it it says: "impossible de demarrer le program car il monque d3dx11_43.dll" please help.

ten ten Nov 13, 2012

Thank you sir! It worked.

Yaron Nov 13, 2012

Glad I could help. :)

Han Aug 28, 2012

Thanks a lot, it worked!

marco Jul 17, 2012

I'm installing ghost recon and when I’m done it says don’t have it

Kanishka Srivastava Jun 19, 2012

Thankyou sir! It worked :D


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