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D3dx9_49.dll Error Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | D3dx9_49.dll error
In case you’ve encountered the D3dx9_49.dll error – in the following post I’ll indicate the reasons why this error pops up, then I’ll provide you with a simple repair guide. By following the tips provided here you’ll be able to fix this error in no time.

About D3dx9_49.dll
This dll is part of Microsoft’s DirectX for Windows.
Many PC games use this technology in order to enhance the game’s performance, and most importantly - improve the user’s experience, especially as far as it concerns the video and audio experience.

Common problems
Typical with PC games, especially with Call of Duty and FIFA.

Problem #1:
After installing the game it might work properly until it crashes for no special reason.

Problem #2:
After installing the game it cannot open, instead you receive an error message telling you that D3dx9_49.dll is missing or not found.

The causes to this error
This error occurs due to the following:
(1) One of your display and/or audio related drivers is invalid.
(2) The dll is missing/corrupt/incompatible.

Repair guide

(1) Reinstall invalid audio and video related drivers
Using invalid (corrupt, old, incompatible) audio and video drivers may trigger this D3dx9_49.dll error – you need to immediately find those drivers, and reinstall their latest compatible versions.

Here is an easy way to do that:
(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Run an in-depth drivers scan
(3) By the end of the scan – open the Drivers report
(4) See which drivers are invalid
(5) Replace them with their latest, compatible, and official versions. (6) Restart Windows

(2) Update your ActiveX installation
Although Windows auto-update can do that, I recommend you to manually download and install the latest DirectX installation. After reinstalling, restart Windows.


Add your comments regarding D3dx9_49.dll error
Simply scroll down and add your comments as well as your additional tips (if you have any), regarding this error.


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