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Dbghelp.dll Error -- Step-by-Step Repair Guide!

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Dbghelp.dll error
There are several common situations where you’d usually encounter a Dbghelp.dll error. In the following post I’ll describe those situations – see if they apply to your case and if so, continue to the Step-by-step repair guide provided by the end of this post.

About Dbghelp.dll
Windows Image Helper - part of Microsoft Windows OS.
Location: C:\Winodws\System32

Common problems
There are several common situations where you might encounter errors related to this dll:
(1) Right after a Windows Update
(2) When using hardware components such as CDs, Webcams, etc.
(3) After installing multimedia-rich applications such as PC games
(4) Random crashes while playing PC games

You’d usually encounter one of the following error messages:

dbghelp.dll not found
The procedure entry point … could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll

You might also encounter display problems.

The causes to this error
This type of error usually indicates two things:
(1) That the version of your Dbghelp.dll is an incompatible version.
(2) That there might be a problem with one or several of your hardware drivers.

Step-by-Step repair guide

(1) Replace incompatible system files
Since this dll is part of your Windows system, a quick Window System File Checker (SFC) scan may resolve the problem. This Windows command line triggers an automatic scan to your entire system files – any missing or incompatible files are being automatically replaced with new fresh ones.

Has it solved the problem?
If not, continue to the next step:

(2) Replace invalid (corrupt, outdated, incompatible) device drivers
You need to detect and immediately replace any invalid drivers that might trigger this Dbghelp.dll error. How can you detect invalid drivers? Here is a little tip:

(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Run an in-depth scan to your installed hardware components and drivers
(3) Wait for the scan to complete
(4) Open the Drivers report
(5) See if any invalid drivers were detected
(6) Replace those drivers with their latest, official, and compatible versions
(7) Restart Windows


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