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Dinput8.dll Error -- What Causes it and How to Fix it!

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Dinput8.dll error
Dinput8.dll errors usually popup while playing PC games and other multimedia-rich programs. There are several reasons why this kind of error erupts, and in the following post I’ll provide you with additional details as well as with the necessary steps that’ll enable you to fix it.

About Dinput8.dll
It belongs to the Microsoft DirectInput library and it is located in the following folder: C:\Windows\System32. The file is part of Windows OS and to be more precise it is a component of Microsoft DirectX. Basically, DirectInput processes data which it receives from external devices (joystick as one example), it allows multimedia-rich applications such as PC games to be able to ‘understand’ commands coming from devices such as mouse, keyboard, and other external controllers.

Common problems
Since this file becomes ‘active’ while using multimedia-rich applications such as PC games, no wonder why most complaints of errors related to this file are coming from gamers. The most common complaint is that games won’t open up, or they may open but crash after a while, together with an error messages such as: A required .dll file, Dinput8.dll was not found or C:\Windows\system32\ Dinput8.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Some other complaints relate to display problems.

The causes to this error
There are two main common causes:
(1) An incompatible (missing or obsolete) display related driver
(2) Invalid dll – the file itself is incompatible, corrupt, or missing…

How to fix it

(1) Check your display related drivers
You need to reinstall and update all your display related drivers. It is enough for a single incompatible display related driver to cause that Dinput8.dll error. Here is a quick way that I use for almost 2 years now, which enables me to detect and replace invalid drivers:

(1) Download this drivers scanner
(2) Run the drivers and hardware diagnostics scan
(3) Wait till it finishes scanning
(4) Open the Drivers report
(5) Has it found any invalid display related drivers?
(6) If so, replace them.
(I’d recommend replacing ALL invalid drivers – it may save you a lot of trouble in the future but that is up to you)
(7) Restart Windows

(2) Refresh your DirectX installation
The last step in repairing a Dinput8.dll error is refreshing DirectX. Remember – this file is part of DirectX, so to be on the safe side and make sure that nothing went wrong with your DirectX installation simply download and install the latest DirectX installation from Microsoft.


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