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Dsetup.dll Missing Error -- How to Fix it!

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Dll errors | Dsetup.dll missing error
If the Dsetup.dll missing error isn’t fixed after reinstalling the application that triggers this error, then follow the repair guide provided in this post. I’ll explain in more details what causes this error to pop up and provide you with the necessary tools that’ll enable you to fix it.

About Dsetup.dll
Direct Driver Preloader – this important dll is part of Microsoft’s DirectX drivers.
The main purpose of this file is setting up DirectX’s device drivers so that ‘heavy’ multimedia and 3D based applications may communicate with high quality hardware such as audio cards, graphic cards, and more.

Common problems
Users of ‘heavy’ graphics and multimedia based programs are those who complain the most about having problems with this dll. When trying to open such programs (PC games for example), you’d usually encounter the following error: The program can't start because Dsetup.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. However, in most cases reinstalling that program never solves the problem...

The causes to this error
(1) You’re using incompatible, corrupt, or obsolete audio and/or graphics related drivers.
(2) The dll is corrupt, missing, or incompatible.

How to fix the Dsetup.dll missing error

(1) Detect and update any invalid audio and display related drivers
You need to find out which of those drivers are invalid and then replace them by their latest compatible (and official) versions. Now, doing this manually is risky as you may download drivers that do not match in 100% to your hardware.

Here is a little ‘trick’ that I use whenever I bump into issues with drivers:
(1) Download this drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Run the in-depth drivers diagnostics scan
(3) Wait until the scan completes
(4) Open the Drivers final report
(5) See which of those drivers are marked as invalid
(6) Replace those drivers
(7) Restart Windows

(2) Refresh your DirectX installation
Download and install the latest DirectX installation from Microsoft’s site.

After restarting Windows once more the Dsetup.dll missing error will no longer pop up.


Comments and additional tips
If you’ve found additional tips regarding this error then feel free to post them below this section.


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