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Nvd3dum.dll Crash -- Use the Following Repair Tip!

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Dll errors | Nvd3dum.dll crash
If you’ve been encountering an Nvd3dum.dll crash while trying to run games on your PC, then the following post handles this issue. I’m going to explain a bit about this error, then I’ll provide you with a little repair tip that’ll save you long hours of frustration with this problem.

About Nvd3dum.dll
This dll belongs to your NVIDIA display driver (part of the WDDM D3D driver) from NVIDIA Corporation.

Common problems
Errors related to this file usually occur in the following situations:
(1) Right after installing a game and trying to launch it you get an appcrash.
(2) You’ve launched a game, it works fine for a while, then it suddenly crashes.
(3) Games crash right after installing Windows 7 SP1

All crashes indicate that Nvd3dum.dll is involved.

The cause to this error
Something went wrong with your NVIDIA display driver and/or with one of your other display related drivers. The driver(s) is corrupt, incompatible, or obsolete.

Tip to repair this error

Now that you know that an invalid driver is the cause to this error, there are two things that you need to do before you can repair it:

(1) Verifying that you’re using a valid NVIDIA driver – I mean you can spend time on downloading various NVIDIA driver versions without knowing which one is the EXACT one that matches your hardware.

(2) Verifying that all your other graphics related drivers are valid.

Invalid drivers MUST be replaced only with COMPATIBLE, updated, and official driver versions.

Detecting and updating invalid display related drivers
Now, here is a little tip that’ll help you to detect which of your installed display related drivers are invalid. It’ll also enable you to download the valid and official versions of those drivers.

(1) Download the following drivers scanner
(2) Run an in-depth drivers scan
(3) Open the final Drivers report
(4) Are any of your display related drivers invalid?
(5) Replace ALL invalid drivers
(6) Restart your PC

This resolves the Nvd3dum.dll crash simply because the above tool scans not only your drivers, but it detects all your devices and their exact model - according to that it matches the correct drivers from its massive (up-to-date) drivers database.


Any Comments? Tips?
Feel free to post any comments and/or tips regarding this error.
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