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Nvwgf2um.dll Appcrash -- Repair Tip!

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Dll errors | Nvwgf2um.dll appcrash
Frustrated due to another Nvwgf2um.dll appcrash? Already tried unsuccessfully reinstalling NVIDIA’s drivers? In the following post you’ll find a little tip that’ll enable you to resolve this problem.

About Nvwgf2um.dll
This dll is part of the NVIDIA D3D10 drivers from NVIDIA Corporation.

Common problems
Usually, when problems with this dll start showing up, you can’t launch many of your installed PC games. (Many complaints about errors with this file are reported by Dragon Age and Battlefield gamers, but it may occur with other PC games as well). When trying to launch a game you’d usually receive an appcrash error indicating the Fault Module Name: nvwgf2um.dll.

Other known issues:
(1) Problem occurs right after upgrading Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1
(2) Random appcrashes
(3) Appcrashes continue even after updating the NVIDIA drivers

The cause to this error
You encounter this Nvwgf2um.dll appcrash because your NVIDIA driver is incompatible (outdated or it doesn’t match your specific graphic card’s model). Another possible reason – one of your other graphic related drivers might be corrupt or incompatible.

Repair tip

The following tip will help you to resolve this problem by assisting you to detect and replace any invalid drivers. In a moment I’ll show you how to verify whether your NVIDIA driver is valid and whether it matches your EXACT graphic card’s model. It’ll also tell you whether there are any other invalid graphic related drivers.

(1) Download the following Drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Run an in-depth drivers diagnostics
(3) It’ll scan all your hardware devices and their installed drivers
(4) By the end of the scan open the Drivers report
(5) Is your NVIDIA driver valid?
(6) If NOT – replace it.
(7) Are there any other invalid graphic related drivers?
(8) If YES – replace them.
(9) Restart your PC


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bishal Aug 13, 2014

This made my computer fix


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