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Opencl.dll Error Fix -- Here is a Little Tip!

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Dll errors | Opencl.dll error
Whenever an Opencl.dll error pops up on your screen there’s usually one reason why it happens. In the following post I’ll review the source to this error and later I’ll provide you with a little tip that’ll enable you to pinpoint and fix the exact component that causes this error.

Drivers diagnostics tool

About Opencl.dll
This dll is from Khronos Group and part of Khronos OpenCL ICD.
Usually, issues with this file are related to drivers and particularly display drivers.

Common problems with this file
Problems with this file are usually related to problems with display drivers such as NVIDIA as one example. These problems usually occur while trying to install or update display drivers. One common error is the following: The program can't start because OpenCL.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Causes to this error
The most common cause to this error is an incompatible (too old or incorrect version) or corrupt drivers – usually related to a display driver. Seems like you’ve installed an incorrect driver related to your graphic display hardware, or one of your drivers has been updated or replaced with an incorrect version.

Here is a little repair tip

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out which drivers cause this Opencl.dll error and later trying to figure out which is the required compatible version required for your hardware, do the following:

(1) Download the following drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Conduct an in-depth scan to your system
(3) Wait for the final scan report…
(4) Open the Drivers section
(5) See which drivers are incompatible/incorrect
(6) Replace/update those drivers
(7) Restart your PC


Comments, feedbacks, and tips
Feel free to post your comments and add your feedbacks or tips regarding this error.
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ali Aug 23, 2012

When I have downloaded the game hitman sniper challenge and open it it says the opencl .dll missing from you computer please help.

Yaron Aug 23, 2012

Have you conducted a drivers scan as explained above? Did you find any problematic drivers?


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