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Physxcudart_20.dll Missing Error -- Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | Physxcudart_20.dll missing error
Are you receiving this Physxcudart_20.dll missing error even after reinstalling the game as well as the NVIDIA drivers? Anyway, in the following post I’m going to show you an easy way to resolve this issue. Nothing complicated, however many users have no idea about this and they find themselves spending hours on trying unsuccessfully to fix this error.

About Physxcudart_20.dll
This dll is part of NVIDIA’s display driver. It belongs to the Physx-Cuda package.

Common known problems
You’re trying to run a PC game (many complaints from Borderlands users), it won’t start, and instead Windows pops up the following error: This application has failed to start because physxcudart_20.dll was not found. Re-installing this application may fix this problem. You might receive this error whether you have the NVIDIA graphic card or not.

In many cases reinstalling the game and NVIDIA’s Physx drivers doesn’t help.

The causes to this error
There’s a problem with one of the graphics related drivers:
(1) If you have the NVIDIA graphic card then you’re using an incompatible driver or the driver is compatible but it has gotten corrupted.

(2) If you’re using another graphic card (ATI?) then the game that you’re trying to run requires NVIDIA’s drivers, so it had already installed an incompatible or too old version of that driver.

(3) There might be a problem with other graphics related drivers – they might be incompatible, corrupt, or obsolete.

Repair guide

In order to repair this Physxcudart_20.dll missing error you need to:

(1) Verify that you’re using a valid NVIDIA display driver. When I say “valid” I mean the latest official and COMAPTIBLE driver version. Many users install the incorrect version believing that it is the correct one and they keep receiving this error…

(2) Make sure that all your other graphic related drivers are valid.

Invalid drivers must be replaced immediately.

How to detect and replace invalid drivers
(1) Run the following drivers diagnostics tool
(2) Conduct an in-depth drivers diagnostics
(3) Wait for the scan to complete and open the Drivers report
(4) If you have an NVIDIA graphic card – see if its driver is valid
(5) If it’s INVALID – update it
(6) Check for any other invalid graphics related drivers
(7) Update those drivers as well
(8) Restart Windows


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