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Jucheck.exe Error -- Repair Guide!

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Exe Errors | Jucheck.exe error
In the following post I’ll discuss the common problems related to Jucheck.exe and suggest several ways that’ll enable you to handle these problems.

About Jucheck.exe
This is a legitimate file from Sun® Microsystems. It is usually part of their Java application. It is responsible for the Java update verification process – it takes care of updating your Java installation whenever a new update is released. So, leave this process enabled on your PC and don’t try to stop or remove it.

Common known problems
(1) Computer crashes.
(2) When PC is restarted you get a message asking you to allow this .exe to run – even if you click NO it would keep popping up over and over and wouldn’t let you open any application.

Common causes to this error
(1) Malware infection
(2) File is incompatible or damaged
(3) Incorrect or missing registered file paths

Step-by-step repair guide:

(1) Check that your PC isn’t infected with malware
Verify whether the file has been infected by a malware. Use a reliable anti-virus such as Microsoft’s free anti-virus: Microsoft Security Essentials.

(2) Remove, then reinstall the latest version of Java
You can download the latest Java installation from here.

Problem isn’t resolved yet…?

(3) Scan for Jucheck.exe related errors
Use the following Windows errors repair tool to find out whether there are any errors related to this file. Wait for the final errors report.


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