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Adui18res.dll not found error Repair -- Donít Download this File!

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Adui18res.dll not found error
I know that the Adui18res.dll not found error has been reported by many AutoCAD users (the majority are the freeware/trial AutoCAD version users), although it may happen to users of other applications. There are several steps you need to apply in order to repair this irritating error message.

What does it mean?
This error message means that something went wrong with the installation of AutoCAD (or any other application using this dll file). This file is either missing, corrupt, or your Windows system can’t find the path to that file, thus it can’t be accessed.

You’d usually get one of the following error messages:

“This application failed to start because Adui18res.dll was not found…”

“The file Adui18res.dll not found“

We’ll solve this error by taking several simple actions as explained here:

Step-1: Reinstall AutoCAD
If you haven’t done so, uninstall your AutoCAD installation, then reinstall it, however, this time make sure your run the setup.exe installation file rather than the acad.exe file. Hopefully, this should install the Adui18res.dll file properly this time.

Reinstall, don’t try to download this file from any ‘dll download’ site and then try to switch it with what you have at the moment - it might cause you even greater damage. You might risk yourself by downloading a virus infected file and/or an obsolete or incorrect version of that file.

Should reinstalling AutoCAD hasn’t been able to solve the Adui18res.dll not found error, then continue to step 2.

Step-2: Repair the registry path to Adui18res.dll
At this point we know the file isn’t missing or corrupt, so it seems like Windows can’t find the path to that file due to a corrupted registry entry related to this dll file.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

The only way to detect and repair such damaged registry entry is by scanning your entire registry file system, detecting, and repairing it via a reliable registry repair tool.


Following these guidelines should be able to repair this Adui18res.dll not found error as well as other common Windows errors. Has that been helpful? Feel free to post your comment below.


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