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Applesyncnotifier has Stopped Working? Try this!

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Many PC users that experience an Applesyncnotifier that has stopped working have no idea what causes this error to popup. In this article I’ll show you how to fix it – it isn’t that complicated and it doesn’t require any special technical knowledge either.

This specific error message is related to an exe (Executable) or dll file (Dynamic Link Library) that can’t be operated by your Windows system. One common (maybe most common) reason for that is due to a damaged registry file.

What is the registry?

To make it as simple as possible – this is where your Windows system registers all your software and hardware installations. (If you click your Windows START menu -> ‘Run’, and type ‘Regedit’, then OK, your Windows registry editor will be opened presenting all your various ‘registered’ applications and their records).

Should one or several of these records get corrupted – expect errors to popup, and in some cases you may even expect Windows crashes as well.

There’s high probability that one of the registry records related to your Applesyncnotifier has been damaged so Windows cannot run that application or whatever is related to it.

Repair your damaged registry

In order to repair your damaged registry you need to: 1) detect the problematic section 2) repair it. This can easily be done by special tools called: ‘Registry Cleaners’. By using a professional registry cleaner you can detect and repair the error message that you’re experiencing at the moment. Most of these tools offer free scan, so you can take advantage of that in order to scan your registry system and see if it detects that corrupted Applesyncnotifier registry record.


Fix Applesyncnotifier that has Stopped Working - now!


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Hercules Andrews Jul 15, 2011

Applesyncnotifier has stoped working, and Corefoundation can not be found. Thanks

Admin Jul 15, 2011

Have you tried scanning your registry system as explained above?


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