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Granny2.dll Error Repair Guide -- Do Not Download this File!

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Since many games are using this file, the granny2.dll error isn’t unique to one specific game. Repairing this error is quite easy, but unfortunately many users repeat the same mistake while trying to repair it. In a minute I’ll expand on that and guide you on an easy way to fix it.

What do we know about this file?
Well, it was created by RAD Game Tools, Inc. and it is being used by all major 3D content development tools.

Common problems and their solutions

Problem #1
Should something happen to that file – it is missing or got corrupted, then it might prevent you from using a wide range of games as one example. Along with the inability to play games you can expect the “not found” or “cannot find” type Windows errors to start popping up.

I’ll begin with what you shouldn’t do – many users make this mistake, they search the Web for the granny2.dll file, download an old/wrong version/virus infected file from unknown/untrusted sites, replace it with the original file, just to find out that the problem isn’t solved and even worse… they get additional errors.

Do not download this file from anywhere, instead, try to uninstall the problematic game and reinstall it. By doing so a healthy granny2.dll file should be installed.

If the problem isn’t solved after reinstalling, don’t worry, continue reading…

Problem #2
Should the file seem to be intact and in place, then there’s nothing wrong with the file, it indicates that there’s something wrong with the registration of the file in your Windows system.

There are so many reasons why something might go wrong with the registration of the file and most of it isn’t because of your fault (improper update/removal of applications, malware issues, etc.).

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Bottom line - if the file isn’t registered correctly, Windows can’t access it, meaning that applications that are trying to use it (games for example) won’t be able to do so. In that case you need to detect and repair the registry entry which is responsible for all that trouble.

You can use the following registry scanner in order to detect the problematic registry entry which is responsible for the granny2.dll error and then let it repair it. By the end of the process you should no longer get this error.


Tip – If from some reason your PC crashes after startup and you can’t detect and repair the bad registry entry, then restart your PC and push the F8 key, then upload Windows in ‘Safe Mode’ and then run the registry scan.


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