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How to Reinstall Corefoundation.dll? - Don't do that!

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For those who want to know how to reinstall Corefoundation.dll I can say – there is no need to do that. If this .dll file is making you any trouble lately, then I can tell you what most probably the cause to that problem is.

The most common errors with this .dll file include either the “was not Found Applesyncnotifier.exe” or “missing” errors. In most cases this isn’t about that dll file itself, but something else.

What causes this problem?

Usually it is about corruption in your Windows registry system, this can happen due to a virus attack, or even due to an improper installation or removal of a specific application that uses this.dll file as another example. Either way, your Windows cannot execute or run a specific application which is trying to use this .dll file.

Since your registry is probably damaged, Windows cannot find the path to that file, thus popping up alerts and errors messages. By the way, if you get other .exe or runtime errors, then you should assume that these are also symptoms to a damaged Windows registry system.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

How to repair?

The easiest way to repair this Corefoundation.dll problem is by scanning and detecting the ‘broken’ Windows registry record(s) that causes all that trouble. In order to do that you need to install a professional and reliable Windows OS errors repair tool. Since your Windows system contains hundreds and even thousands of registry records, these programs automatically scan your entire registry in matter of minutes, and then they enable you to automatically repair any damaged registry records.


This tool is highly effective in preventing as well as repairing blue screen of death (bsod) crashes. In 2-3 minutes it is able to detect any problematic drivers that might crash your Windows system sooner or later…


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gilbert martinez May 9, 2018

I have a dell vestro 1500..its great for me, but i downloased itunes and alot of problems started. the main thing iys saying missing core foundation. but the guy that sold me the computer has alot of files that i dont want or know how to delet. also runs slow somtimes


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