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Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD Error Repair – No Need to Download this File!

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Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD (blue screen of death) errors erupt in most cases due to a single reason which as I’ll explain in a moment is relatively easy to repair.

Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD Error

Just for the record, this file is a key Kernel component in your Windows® OS.

Typical errors
Many users of various Windows® OS platforms complain that a BSOD crash associated with this file occurs while their PC goes into sleep mode or wakeup mode. This is usually (but not always) accompanied with the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR or Unable to load image error messages.

As I mentioned in the beginning the main reason that causes this error is a driver failure. From some reason, Windows is unable to properly verify the power state transition requests from a hardware device(s) as one example. This usually happens due to a corrupted/obsolete/wrong driver version.

How to repair the Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD
Now that we know that the problem is a driver problem you understand that there’s no need to download this file from anywhere… the only question left is which driver/drivers is/are causing all that trouble…

Your task should be:

(1) Identify that problematic driver(s)
(2) Replace it with the CORRECT and most updated version

I’ll recommend you to begin with all your hardware devices.

Since you can’t tell which driver is corrupted/outdated, what you basically need to do is to update all your drivers by downloading and installing the latest drivers for all your devices.

I know…this is a tedious and frustrating task. So what you can do is use the following drivers updater (I’m using it myself). It’ll automatically scan your entire PC, detect faulty/obsolete drivers, and replace them with their latest and most updated versions.

Anyway, in case you choose the manual way to fix this Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD as explained, use this repair tool to pinpoint and get the list of all your problematic drivers.


Tip – Driver manufacturers keep updating their drivers due to bug fixes, security issues, improvements, etc. It is highly recommended to update ALL your drivers including your Windows system drivers on a regular basis if you want to avoid future problems with Windows.


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