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Pctssvc exe Fix – Quick Repair Guide!

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If you’re looking for a way to fix Pctssvc exe errors then I believe I found how to do that. This problem isn’t uncommon among several users who use one specific application (I’ll explain later). There’s an easy way to get rid of it – read the following few paragraphs for more details.

First of all, this exe (executable) file belongs to (and was installed by) your Spyware Doctor (PC Tools) application. The main task of this file is to conduct manual anti-spyware scans, or whenever your Spyware Doctor application conducts automatic scheduled scans.

The symptoms related to errors with this exe file vary from one PC to another. Some users complain about unexpected PC shut downs, others report that the process ‘eats up’ huge chunks of their CPU and system memory.

Why it happen?

The most common reasons are either a malware attack on that file or damage caused to your registry system due to that malware attack or due to other reasons (improper software update, unexpected termination of Spyware Doctor etc.)

Fixing this Exe Error

As I mentioned earlier, there are two issues that need to be taken care of – verifying that no Malware (malicious software) attacked that file, and the second issue is detecting a possible ‘broken’ registry record that prevents Windows from running that file.

There are several tools on the web that enable you to do that simultaneously and finally fix Pctssvc exe errors, I mean detecting and removing that Malware as well as detecting and repairing any damage with your registry system that might have caused that problem.


Fix Pctssvc exe errors here!


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Pctssvc exe Fix – Quick Repair Guide!

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