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Runtime Error r6034 I Fixed it!

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Computer errors are frustrating, I know, I’ve been there too many times; however I found a way that’ll fix Runtime Error r6034 and many other Windows errors.

This error message erupts due to a problem with Microsoft Visual c++ runtime library. What happens is that one of your installed programs is simply unable to load Microsoft Visual c++ dll files.

If I’ll put it in other words – one of your applications that you’re trying to operate, has made an unsuccessful attempt to load the C runtime library, thus getting that irritating error message. This usually happens due to a corrupted Windows registry.

The registry system is an integral and critical part of Windows; it is responsible for managing all your installed programs. When you install, update, or even remove a program, it is being registered in your Windows registry file system.

When you try to run a program, Windows checks via the registry system where that program is located on the hard disk for example, so if something goes wrong with the registry record that indicates to Windows where that program’s files are located, then you won’t be able to run that program and instead you’ll get nothing but error messages.

The only way to repair Runtime Error r6034 is to pinpoint that damaged registry record that causes all that trouble. Of course you can’t do that all by yourself and you need a professional help with this. Bottom line, in order to detect and repair this specific error message use the following Windows errors repair tool.


Just to be on the safe side - it is highly recommended to conduct a complete scan of all your software and device drivers. Many times Windows errors occur due to obsolete or incorrect drivers.


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