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How to Fix Exchange Error Code 1018?

Microsoft Exchange server consists of an email-based collaborative platform for business service. The ongoing and ingoing communication messages of the server are stored in the mailbox of EDB database. These EDB databases are prone to corruption due to unpredictable reasons such as dirty shutdown, virus attacks, human errors, etc.




Recovering Deleted PST Files – Even After Freshly Formatted HD!

Recovering deleted PST files is something that I’ve recently tested myself. I’m sure that the following quick guide can help all those Outlook users out there who accidently deleted their Outlook.pst file.




How to Backup PST Files Automatically -- Download this Free Tool!

In a moment I’ll quickly guide you how to backup PST files automatically – I’m using this solution successfully for several years now and it’s absolutely free.




How to Repair PST Files – Don’t Make these Mistakes!

For most if not all Outlook users the Outlook.pst file stores much of their digital assets that they’ve accumulated for years - in this quick guide I’d like to show how to repair PST files without making common (painful) mistakes that many Outlook users do when they try to recover this critical file.




Location of PST File – Find Outlook.pst Files via this Free Tool!

Since people keep asking me about the location of their PST file, I’d like to show you the easiest way to find Outlook.pst files, no matter if it is Outlook 98,2000,2003,XP,2007,2010 or any other version installed on XP, Vista, or Windows 2007.




Outlook PST file – Location – Recovery – and How to Backup!

Outlook PST file is probably the MOST important file for any Outlook user - 97,98,2000,2002,2003,2007,XP,2010. This file stores the following items: Email messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and journal entries.




0x80040116 Error in Outlook – The Cause and How to Repair it!

Outlook 0x80040116 error pops up due to a single reason that I’ll talk about in a few seconds. It is repairable in most cases; but unfortunately I found that the conventional repair process provided by Microsoft is quite complicated, prone to errors and it may take several hours.




0x80040600 Error Code in Outlook -- Here is How to Fix it!

Outlook 0x80040600 error code is intimidating, isn’t it? From an unknown reason you’ve probably found yourself unable to send/receive or even delete Emails, am I correct? You were probably receiving one of these messages - An unknown error has occurred or - Messaging interface has caused an unknown error, or anything like it.




Recovering Deleted Outlook Emails -- Do it Safely or Else…

At some point, while using Outlook, unintentionally deleting a bunch of Emails happens to everyone… Fortunately recovering deleted Outlook Emails, and I mean messages that you’ve ‘permanently deleted’ is possible, but you must do it safely or you might end up reinstalling Windows…




Scanpst.exe Location for All Outlook Versions -- PST Repair Tip!

I don’t understand why Microsoft are doing so well in hiding that Scanpst.exe location – it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack… Anyway, as promised, I’ll show you where that file is located (or should I say ‘hidden’) in your Windows system.




How to Repair Outlook 2007 PST File – Warning!

Today I’d like to help all those who want to know how to repair Outlook 2007 PST file. Before we do that, I’d like to warn you about something extremely important. Read the following quick article and I’ll show you how to do that safely – it should work for most Outlook users.




Stellar Outlook PST Recovery Serial Key – Get it From Here!

There’s no question that Stellar Outlook PST Recovery tool is one of the Web’s most reliable Outlook.pst repair tools. But there’s one extremely important thing that it simply doesn’t provide after it repairs your Outlook - that is providing an ‘insurance policy’ for your Outlook PST file.




Outlook error 0x80040119 – Quick Repair Guide!

In this quick guide I’d like to show you how to repair Outlook error 0x80040119 and bring your Outlook application back to normal functionality. Pay close attention, follow each step, and I’m sure that in several minutes from now you’ll be able to use your Outlook like before.




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