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Blue Screen Crashes -- STOP Errors Repair Guide

I guess that the blue screen of death, known as BSoD or STOP errors, is probably the deadliest of all PC errors. It usually comes out of the Ďblueí and always in the middle of an important task, right? Anyway, thereís no need to panic Ė Iíll provide several useful tips thatíll enable you to identify and repair the source of this crash.




Netsh.exe Error -- Repair Guide!

There are usually three reasons that cause a Netsh.exe error and in the following post Iíll explain more about this executable and the way to repair the common errors related to this file. I hope youíll find this quick repair guide useful.




How to Reinstall Windows XP? Let me Save you all that Headache...

Listen, I have no idea about the exact reason that makes you want to know how to reinstall Windows XP but I guess that something went wrong with it, anyway, I found an elegant way to bypass all the hassle and the headache that is involved with reinstalling XP.




Bugcode_Usb_Driver 0x000000FE Blue Screen Error - Repair Guide!

The good news is that thereís an easy solution to the bugcode_usb_driver 0x000000FE blue screen; however it requires you to conduct a little research before you can repair it. In a moment Iíll explain everything.




STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_Corrupt - Causes and How to Fix it!

There are two main issues that usually cause this STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_Corrupt error. Iím talking about a software issue and a hardware issue. In this post Iíll handle them both so eventually itíll enable you to solve this problem.




Ftd2xx.dll Was Not Found or Missing Error - How to Repair it!

In the next post Iíll talk about where this ftd2xx.dll was not found or missing error comes from, and how you can easily repair it. No special technical knowledge is required and Iíll try to make it as simple as possible.




Stop 0x000000f4 0x00000003 Blue Screen Error -- Repair Guide!

Stop 0x000000f4 0x00000003 blue screen error is considered as one of those rare and mysterious Windows errors. In this quick guide Iíll explain the reasons to why it happens from the first place and provide a solution how to repair it.




Ati2dvag Blue Screen with Infinite Loop Error -- Fixed!

It usually comes out of the blue (screen) for those whom are getting this ati2dvag blue screen crash accompanied by a juicy Infinite Loop error. There are so many threads and posts dealing with this issue, so allow me to clarify several points and eventually show you how it can be fixed.




Dxgmms1.sys BSOD Error Repair - Most Users are not Aware of this!

Like many other users, youíve probably read in many technical forums that dxgmms1.sys BSOD (bluescreen) crash is caused due to a problem with your graphic or display driver. While usually this is true, in many other cases it might be a combination of several problems.




Stop 0x0000003b Blue Screen Crash -- Repair Guide!

In most cases the cause to STOP 0x0000003b blue screen error isnít a hardware problem. In a moment Iíll show you how to detect and then repair the problematic software-based component that causes this problem.




Nvlddmkm.sys BSOD Fix -- How to Finally Solve this Error!

I guess that this irritating nvlddmkm.sys BSOD crash bothers quite a few people, so in the next few minutes Iíll explain how to permanently solve this error. Iíve researched this topic for quite a while, so this is going to save you a lot of time and frustration.




Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD Error Repair Ė No Need to Download this File!

Ntkrnlpa.exe BSOD (blue screen of death) errors erupt in most cases due to a single reason which as Iíll explain in a moment is relatively easy to repair.




Comres.dll Error? Missing? -- Find Out How to Repair it!

Although there are various reasons why a comres.dll error might popup one day, there are two main sources that are connected to each other that cause this error. In a moment Iíll provide more details about how to repair this error.




Granny2.dll Error Repair Guide -- Do Not Download this File!

Since many games use this file, the granny2.dll error isnít unique to one specific game. Repairing this error is quite easy, but unfortunately many users repeat the same mistake while trying to repair it. In a minute Iíll expand on that and guide you on an easy way to fix it.




Lpk.dll Missing Error Ė Do the Following in order to Repair it!

There are two main reasons why this annoying lpk.dll missing error pops up, and very shortly Iíll explain what actions are required in order to eliminate it. The solution Iíll provide is relevant to all popular Windows platforms.




Dbgeng.dll not Found Error -- How to Safely Repair it!

As with other similar dll errors the dbgeng.dll not found error has several possible sources that need to be taken care of. By following this quick guide you should be able to resolve this problem even if your technical skills arenít that high.




Adui18res.dll not found error Repair -- Donít Download this File!

I know that the Adui18res.dll not found error has been reported by many AutoCAD users (the majority are the freeware/trial AutoCAD version users), although it may happen to users of other applications. There are several steps you need to apply in order to repair this irritating error message.




Drivers for Multimedia Audio Controller - Latest Driver Download!

I wrote this quick guide for all those who are looking for their compatible multimedia audio controller drivers. Before Iíll show you where to download and how to install the CORRECT sound drivers for your sound card, I need to warn you about something Ė this is important!




Display Driver has Stopped Responding and has Recovered Ė Fixed!

The Display Driver has Stopped Responding and has Recovered error is probably one of the most annoying PC problems Iíve ever bumped into in the past few years. After researching this unsolved problem for several days, I believe I finally found a way to fix it.




Driver_power_state_failure Windows 7 Vista XP Ė Fixed!

Have you become a victim of the driver_power_state_failure blue screen of death? Well, I know how stressing it can be when it happens, but in a minute Iíll show you how to solve it.



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