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Dll Errors


Oci.dll Was Not Found Error -- How to Handle it!

Getting an oci.dll was not found error while working on your personal computer is a very frustrating experience. There can be various causes of this particular error, out of which we will discuss the most prevailing causes. We will also focus on the permanent solutions to fix this error.




Btballoon.dll Missing Error -- The Causes and the Solution!

Btbaloon.dll missing error relates to one of your Bluetooth devices. In a moment Iíll provide more details about the specific causes to this problem and a quick way to fix it. Thereís no need to search for this file and try to download it from anywhere.




Atl80.dll Missing Error - Fixing Errors Related to this File!

Looking for a solution to the Atl80.dll missing error? Having trouble with that file? In the following article Iíll explain the reasons for common errors associated with this dll module and how to repair them.




What is a Dll File? Quick Guide and Dll Errors Repair Tips!

Dll file is actually a library file - it contains code and data that can be shared by several different programs simultaneously. This method enables programmers to modularize their programs, this way programs may contain many different dll modules.




Autorun.dll Could Not be Loaded? Here is the Reason Why!

If Windows is showing you the Autorun.dll could not be loaded error, every time youíre doing any critical job on your computer, you must rectify it as soon as possible. Iíll explain in a moment how to fix the problem on your own without the help of any service technician.




Tsp1.dll Not Found Error - Diagnosis and Repair Tool!

Coming across the tsp1.dll not found error, every time you open up your PC requires you to consider several critical key-points that are probably the cause to this error. In a moment Iíll show you a way thatíll enable you to successfully repair it.




Msxml4.dll Failed to Register Error - Here is How to Fix it!

Whenever you get an msxml4.dll failed to register error, you need to check for one or two critical points. There can be several reasons for this error but in most cases, thereís a common root cause; which is one of your Windows components. In a moment Iíll explain how it can be fixed.




Msvcp90.dll Missing Error -- How to get Rid of it!

There can be various reasons for the msvcp90.dll missing error. In this article, weíll go over the common reasons for this specific error. Later Iíll show you how to get rid of it as well as of other frustrating Windows errors.




Msoe.dll Could not be Initialized Error - Solved!

Getting the msoe.dll could not be initialized error while working with Windows mail is an infuriating experience, but the good news is that this error is curable. You just need to have some knowledge about the various symptoms and causes of this error so that you fix the problem as described in the following post.




A Dynamic Link Library dll Initialization Routine Failed - Fixed!

A dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed error if left untreated, can have hazardous consequences on the operating system. In this particular article; Iíd like to talk about the practical steps that can be taken in order to fix this problem. But, before that; Iíd like to go into some details of the various symptoms and the causes of this problem.




Symantec Intrusion Prevention ipsbho.dll Error - Solution!

If youíre facing the Symantec intrusion prevention ipsbho.dll error, then itís time to wake up because these types of errors, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences regarding your PC. Anyway, I got a permanent way out for this error.




Driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll Error and How to Fix it!

The driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll error is frustrating, I know. But as Iíll show you in a moment thereís no need to bother about this because I found a relatively easy solution so that anyone can easily fix the problem.




Entry point not found dynamic link library Error - How to Fix it!

Getting the entry point not found dynamic link library error frequently while working on your personal computer is very frustrating. After investigating through dll errors over the years I found a convenient solution to the problem. Herby, I will discuss the symptoms, causes and the solutions of this error.




Msxml3.dll Error - How to Get Rid of it!

To repair an msxml3.dll error is not as frenzied as you may think. I admit that dll errors are very exasperating because they interrupt with the normal working. Iíll hereby share the steps that are required to fix the problem but prior to that, you have to thoroughly understand the symptoms and causes of the problem.




Error Loading dll File? Here is What You Need to Do!

If youíve recently started getting this error loading dll file popup error then there are two things that you need to do. There are probably two issues related to each other that cause this error. Continue to read below as Iíll show you what you need to do in order to fix it.




Dsound dll Was Not Found Error - Causes and How to Repair it!

From what I found about Dsound dll was not found error there are several reasons why it erupts. Repairing this problem isnít that complicated Ė in a moment Iíll show what you need to do in order to handle it.




Mshtml.dll Error Fix -- Follow these Guidelines!

Among most frustrating computer errors is definitely the mshtml.dll error, since once it erupts, it simply Ďrefusesí to fade away no matter what you do. In this quick guide Iíll provide several guidelines thatíll enable you to get rid of it.




Stlog.dll Missing Error - Why it Pops up and How to Fix it!

In a moment Iíll provide more details about this Stlog.dll missing error - where it comes from, and how you can repair it. Read this post, understand the source of the problem, and then use my recommended solution in order to get rid of this error.




Windows Media Player wmp.dll Error -- How to Resolve it!

Once a Windows Media Player wmp.dll error shows up on your screen, there are two things that you need to do in order to resolve this problem. One solution is pretty obvious, while the other is less familiar, so please follow the next repair guidelines.




Dll Error on Startup - How to Repair it - Troubleshooting Guide!

Windows users having a dll error on startup must pay a close attention to two important points that in most cases are the source to these kinds of problems. Read the following troubleshooting guide as Iíll show you an easy way to fix these errors.



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